Class 9 Lithium batteries

We are hosting a series of live two hour webinar events during the month of April to cover the requirements of shipping Section II lithium batteries prepared in accordance with IATA packing instructions PI 965–PI 970.

Registration is now open, with multiple dates available until the end of April 2020 using the following link – LITHIUM BATTERY 2 HOUR LIVE WEBINAR. Prices are fixed at £29.99 per delegate. Private sessions can be booked for in company training at a rate of £250.00 per two hour session. Please contact us for further details –

IATA 1.6 includes a requirement that “Any person preparing or offering cells or batteries for transport must receive adequate instruction on these requirements commensurate with their responsibilities”. The packing instructions however do not define or describe what is considered as “adequate instruction”.

At a minimum, an employer should consider the following as being adequate instruction:

• Classification of lithium batteries being shipped.

• Documentation of procedures applied to lithium batteries being shipped.

• Written work instructions or other documentation, including automated controls.

• Review and understanding of documented procedures as applicable to the job function.

• Instruction records including date(s) for all employees.

• Refresher instructions provided at a minimum every two years or as the documented instructions are revised or regulations are changed.

• Reverse logistics, including transport mode and applicable prohibitions.

As well as covering the above requirements, the webinar will discuss the brief history of lithium battery transport regulations, the UN38.3 test requirements, the work being undertaken by the UN on new classification criteria, the G-27 package performance standards, the Lithium Battery Aviation Safety Advisory Committee, operator risk assessments and the challenges of e-commerce.

There will also be the opportunity for a Q&A session with Paul Horner, former Manager Dangerous Goods Standards with IATA.

At the end of the webinar, attendees will be issued with a certificate of attendance.