Expert Guidance in Dangerous Goods Compliance

Your journey through the intricate pathways of dangerous goods transportation is made seamless with Dangerous Goods Safety Group. We are not just a service provider; consider us your partner in navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance for transporting hazardous materials by road, air, and sea. Our seasoned team, enriched with extensive experience and insights, delivers bespoke training, consultancy, and auditing services, each tailored to your specific operational needs.


We believe in a holistic approach. Our training equips your team with the knowledge and skills to manage dangerous goods with utmost safety and efficiency. Consultancy dives deeper, offering personalized strategies and solutions to enhance your operational integrity and compliance. Through rigorous auditing, we assess and refine your processes, ensuring they stand resilient and compliant amidst the evolving regulatory landscape.


Step into a world where compliance is not a hurdle, but a pathway to enhanced safety, efficiency, and operational excellence. Trust Dangerous Goods Safety Group to be your compass in the world of dangerous goods transportation, turning complexities into opportunities for growth and excellence.




The aerospace industry is one of the most highly regulated. Our expertise and experience within this sector can help you meet all the applicable regulatory requirements.


Electric vehicle technology is advancing at a staggering rate. We can help you navigate the complexities of your supply chain for large format lithium batteries. We’re also experienced with shipping vehicles and spare parts across the globe.


DG Safety Group can provide training and consultancy in the transport of dangerous goods by sea in compliance with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code). A key factor to safety in sea transport is understanding the conditions of transport, including the effect of movement in heavy seas, humidity and temperature variations which all have an impact on how a dangerous goods cargo is prepared prior to loading to the vessel or sea container.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries seem to always be in the media for the wrong reasons, with regular thermal runaway events, generally caused by faulty, damaged, defective or counterfeit batteries. Fully compliant batteries are safe to transport. We can help with you quality management systems to ensure you are fully compliant with your supply chain. We can also keep you abreast of future changes on the horizon, including the SAE G27 Packaging Performance Standard and the UN informal Working Group on Lithium Battery Classification.

DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor)

Meet European road transport regulations by appointing us as your DGSA. We offer annual onsite inspections, reports, and dedicated phone support. For added peace of mind, we provide a 24/7 emergency response service.


Unlock full compliance through our extensive training programs. Approved by UK Civil Aviation Authority, we offer specialized courses for air, road, and sea transport. Our competency-based approach has empowered countless supply chains to operate safely and efficiently.


Source your hazard labels locally from a trusted UK manufacturer. Compliant with international standards, our high-quality, silkscreen-printed labels come in rolls of 250 and ensure you meet all safety requirements effortlessly.


Get personalized, on-site consultations to revamp your supply chain procedures. Our hands-on approach identifies your unique needs and develops actionable strategies, paving the way for regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.