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The transport of dangerous goods is strictly regulated, and UK CAA approved Dangerous Goods by Air Training is the only way to ensure a safe, secure and compliant transportation process. With online and classroom training options available, you can get certified in Lithium Battery By Air Training, IATA Dangerous Goods Training, and more.

Expertise: Unmatched Knowledge Across All Transport Modes

Our team of Dangerous Goods professionals brings unparalleled experience from various sectors involved in the supply chain. Whether your goods are being transported by road, sea, or air, we have the specialized expertise to guide you through the regulatory landscape. Our team's collective wisdom ensures that you're always in compliance and that your operations are handled with the utmost safety.

Compliance Made Simple: Effortless Navigation Through Regulatory Hurdles

The ever-changing landscape of dangerous goods regulations can be a daunting obstacle for any organization. Our role is to simplify this for you. We provide step-by-step guidance to achieve full regulatory compliance, eliminating the uncertainty and complexity that typically accompany these processes. With us, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're always in compliance.

Innovation: Leading the Charge in Technology-Driven Solutions

We are at the forefront of technology that is revolutionizing the dangerous goods industry. Our involvement in the DG AutoCheck program is one such example. This digital tool automates compliance checks for air cargo, making the process quicker, more accurate, and hassle-free. Our commitment to innovation ensures that you are always a step ahead in operational efficiencies and safety.

All-in-One Service: A Comprehensive Solution for the Entire Supply Chain

We understand that the supply chain for dangerous goods involves multiple stakeholders—manufacturers, packers, shippers, freight forwarders, carriers, and airlines. Our services cater to each of these roles, providing a seamless and integrated solution that covers every aspect of dangerous goods transport. By choosing us, you opt for a one-stop-shop service that looks after every detail, from start to finish.

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Get personalized, on-site consultations to revamp your supply chain procedures. Our hands-on approach identifies your unique needs and develops actionable strategies, paving the way for regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.


Unlock full compliance through our extensive training programs. Approved by UK Civil Aviation Authority, we offer specialized courses for air, road, and sea transport. Our competency-based approach has empowered countless supply chains to operate safely and efficiently.

DGSA (Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor)

Meet European road transport regulations by appointing us as your DGSA. We offer annual onsite inspections, reports, and dedicated phone support. For added peace of mind, we provide a 24/7 emergency response service.


Transporting dangerous goods by air is of course highly regulated, but can be extremely complex. DG Safety Group can provide you with bespoke training and consulting solutions to simplify the process and ensure you achieve full regulatory compliance. Our team have years of operational experience with all classes of dangerous goods by air, including radioactive materials, explosives, lithium batteries and infectious substances.


DG Safety Group can provide training and consultancy in the transport of dangerous goods by sea in compliance with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code). A key factor to safety in sea transport is understanding the conditions of transport, including the effect of movement in heavy seas, humidity and temperature variations which all have an impact on how a dangerous goods cargo is prepared prior to loading to the vessel or sea container.


If you consign or carry dangerous goods by road, you may be legally required to appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA). DG Safety Group can act as your appointed DGSA. This service includes regulatory training, review of processes and procedures, on site audits and completion of the annual report.


Source your hazard labels locally from a trusted UK manufacturer. Compliant with international standards, our high-quality, silkscreen-printed labels come in rolls of 250 and ensure you meet all safety requirements effortlessly.

Lithium Batteries

Navigating lithium battery regulations can be complex. Partner with us for full compliance, whether through specialized training or onsite assessments. Rest easy knowing your supply chain meets stringent safety standards.


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Our Consultancy Service goes beyond mere phone consultations. We prefer to visit your premises to conduct an in-depth review of your supply chain operations. By understanding your unique needs, we can offer tailored solutions that help you achieve full compliance and streamline your procedures.

Yes, our hazard labels are manufactured in the UK and are fully compliant with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, and ADR (Dangerous Goods by Road). They are silkscreen printed on gloss white vinyl and meet BS5609 standards. They come in rolls of 250 labels.

Our training programs are approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and focus on a competency-based training and assessment approach. This approach ensures that personnel are fully competent before they are responsible for any tasks involving dangerous goods. We offer specialized training for road, air, and sea transport, as well as online courses.

When you appoint us as your DGSA, you not only meet European legal requirements but also receive comprehensive support for maintaining safety and compliance. This includes an annual onsite inspection, a detailed annual report, and dedicated phone support. For added peace of mind, we also offer a Level 1 emergency response service with a 24/7 multilingual emergency number.

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