Dangerous Goods Safety group

Dangerous Goods Safety Group

Paul Horner

CDGP/DGSA/ISO Lead Auditor

Paul joined DG Safety Group on the 1 April 2019 and runs the United Kingdom operation – Dangerous Goods Safety Group (UK) Ltd.


Paul joined IATA in January 2016 as the Manager, Dangerous Goods Standards. The role included: authoring the text for the IATA dangerous goods regulations and other technical publications; answering technical email enquiries through a dedicated hotline; working with the IATA Dangerous Goods Board; attending ICAO and UN dangerous goods meetings; supporting industry events and acting as a subject matter expert for the Association. Paul has also attended several SAE G27 lithium battery package performance standards meetings, the outcome of which has potentially significant consequences for lithium battery shippers.


Paul previously spent 18 years working for DHL Aviation in the UK as the Dangerous Goods Manager and DGSA. Paul was also a founding committee member of the British Association of Dangerous Goods Professionals. Paul began his career with dangerous goods as a Movement Controller in the British Army.

Battery Show Europe, Hanover 2018

Paul had the honour of speaking at Europe’s largest event for the battery industry. Together with Dr. Akos Kriston from the European Commission, they discussed the challenges of transporting large format lithium batteries in air cargo.

IATA DG AutoCheck Project Team

Dangerous Goods Safety Group was chosen by IATA to help develop the game changing DG AutoCheck program.


DG AutoCheck is a digital solution that allows the air cargo supply chain to check the compliance of the Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods (DGD) against all relevant rules and regulations contained in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. The tool enables electronic consignment data to be received directly, supporting the digitization of the cargo supply chain. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology also transforms a paper DGD into electronic data. This data is then processed and verified automatically using the XML data version of the DGR. DG AutoCheck also facilitates a ground handlers or airline’s decision to accept or reject a shipment during the physical inspection stage by providing a pictorial representation of the package with the marking and labelling required for air transport.


Unlock the Future of Air Cargo Compliance with DG AutoCheck

Step into a world where compliance is simplified, and efficiency is standard. DG AutoCheck, developed in collaboration with IATA, streamlines the verification process for the Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods. Discover a digital revolution that empowers decision-making, enhances accuracy, and accelerates the cargo supply chain.


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