We can offer dangerous goods by air training courses which are approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

All of our dangerous goods courses are designed around the competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) approach.

Objective of Dangerous Goods Training

The employer must ensure that personnel are competent to perform any function for which they are responsible prior to performing any of these functions. This must be achieved through training and assessment commensurate with the functions for which they are responsible. Such training must include:

  1. general familiarization training—personnel must be trained to be familiar with the general provisions;
  2. function specific training—personnel must be trained to competently perform the function for which they are responsible; and
  3. safety training—personnel must be trained on how to recognise the hazards presented by dangerous goods, on the safe handling of dangerous goods and on emergency response procedures.

Our training courses are designed to support the following job functions:

We can also tailor training for specific products or classes of dangerous goods, including:

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