ADR – UK Multilateral Agreement M322: concerning the carriage of UN 0335, UN 0336 fireworks

The UK multilateral agreement M279 (now M322) “Transporting Fireworks” has been renewed and extended to 19th August 2024.

“This multilateral agreement is seeking an exemption from the provisions of (a), 9.1.2,,, 9.3.3 (second subparagraph) and (second subparagraph) of ADR for the carriage of UN 0335 and UN 0336 loads within proposed limits. The multilateral agreement M212 that currently facilitates these movements expires on 19th August 2014.

In the UK the use and carriage of fireworks is seasonal and to meet this demand the UK Fireworks Industry often uses hired vehicles for the carriage of fireworks. These hired vehicles meet the technical and safety requirements of an EX II vehicle. However, these vehicles often do not have a certificate of approval as required by 9.1.3 of ADR, the costs and the practical difficulties of obtaining a certificate being uneconomic for limited seasonal use for the carriage of fireworks. The attached multilateral agreement M322 will facilitate the carriage of UN 0335 and UN 0336 without compromising the safety standards of ADR.” Extracted from the explanatory letter from the UK Department for Transport sent to the Secretariat of the UNECE Transport Division available on the UNECE website.

A copy of M322 for use domestically within the UK is available at the following link.

The consignor shall enter the following in the transport document: “Carriage agreed under the terms of ADR paragraph 1.5.1 (M322)“. A copy of this Agreement shall be carried on board the transport unit.